SHAPE Academy is dedicated to excellence combined with creativity and fun! 

Classroom Learning
Our skilled educators provide a classically based core curriculum.  These Christian-based academic classes:
  • are hands-On
  • are multi-dimensional
  • use presentations
  • provide accountability
  • send reports home for every 5 week grading period.
Actual "book work" may be completed at home to assure comprehension.

Classes start late and end early for maximum family time.

Creative Activities
SHAPE keeps families informed of a wide variety of fun and creative learning opportunities from school projects to state-wide programs.  Students learn, play, and work together.

Games for Mind and Body
All of our younger students have the opportunity to have fun playing games that increase cognitive development and physical abilities. 

All elementary students have the opportunity to learn through our music program.  While other schools are cutting fine arts, we try to incorporate them into our daily routine.

Each class must have a minimum of 5 students, with a maximum of 10 for elementary and 15 for upper level classes.

College Prep
Upper level classes operate on a university schedule.  Academically rigorous classes may be 1hr 30min or 2 hours in length.  Educators will use a combination of Christian, Classical, and Great Books curriculum choices, along with projects designed to accommodate a variety of learning styles.  Our goal is to prepare students to become Christian leaders as they pursue higher education and career opportunities.

Classes will complete high school graduation requirements as well as cover topics and information needed for college CLEP testing.  In addition, students will have in depth training in test taking and study skills.  Preparing directly for CLEP testing allows students the potential for earning an Associate Degree, along with a College Prep Diploma.  This program can significantly decrease higher education financial obligations.

Bachelor Degree Guidance
SHAPE is dedicated to working with parents to coordinate with local colleges in online and dual enrollment efforts.  Advanced students have the opportunity to finish qualifications for a Bachelor's degree and accelerate graduate study and career opportunities.

Car Pool opportunities are available.  For more information, contact SHAPEinfo@
Fine Arts!
  (Classes open to all home school students  
  in the Granbury area. Availability is 
  determined by getting an enrollment of 5 or

   Elementary Arts & Crafts
   Basic Art
   Advanced Art
   Ballet preK-Advanced
   Music (Guitar/Praise Band)
   Girl's Club
   Basic Car Repair
   Parent's Book Club!

   (available Tues, Thurs, & Fri)
   All available for private tutoring unless 
  otherwise noted.
  • Percussion (group)
  • Drum Set/Trap Set
  • Beginning Band (group)
  • Voice
  • Piano
  • Guitar
  • Strings (violin, viola, cello, mandolin)
  • Flute
   Evaluation, Intensive Mentoring, and weekly Individual Mentoring Services available through our BEE Different Mentoring Program.  We believe that we all learn differently and that we should celebrate, alongside our students, the amazing way God created them to think.  Our staff seeks to help students focus on their talents and gifts in order to assist them in overcoming their learning difficulties. 

In conjunction with our innovative  
  teaching, our stability balls encourage  
  movement that is positive and enhances
  learning for ALL students, especially those
  with Learning Difference, ADD, and Sensory
  processing issues. Stability balls help in the
  following ways:
  • Assists in improving posture
  • Enhances attention and concentration
  • Improves learning through movement
  • Incorporates health and wellness into the school day
  • Promotes "active sitting"-with little to no disturbance
  • Improves blood flow to all parts of the body, especially
  • Strengthens core postural & back muscle groups
  • Improves balance and coordination
  • Adjusts for customized fit to the individual
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